A good 48 hours. Puppy lifetime friendship bonds, highest paved road in North America, an escape at 14,000 ft, clarity, friendship sunset silhouettes, taro bubble tea, finally meeting an Australian friend, baby bear being a baby, favorite band in the prettiest venue, confetti and dancing and singing at the top of my lungs, being with people who make me feel comfortable in my skin.





For a sick and sad day… this one thing did make me so happy and so proud. Can’t wait for people to hear the album that New Found Glory have made. It’s so rad and so full of raw emotion and energy and it’s exactly the kind of album that got me into guitars and fast songs in the first place. 

So proud of my guy, who works so hard and never puts any less than 500%  passion and pride into everything he is a part of. Always motivated and inspired by his spirit. All the NFG guys deserve the world. 

Anyway! “Selfless” is just the beginning… Make sure you check the music video and all the other announcements they made today, about headlining the Glamour Kills tour and bundles for the album pre-order! -»>